Aerti Adventure Journal
The Story so Far....

Many minor events have occurred to those referred hereafter as the PCs (Professional Condottieri), as well as a few larger ones. In Summation of their adventures in so far as they have been Recorded:

Starting Adventure:

The Original PCs; Quincy, Kurthanaga, and Catman were hired by the Guard Outpost on the Old Road in the County of Urnst to find and take care of a group of Bandits in the area. After searching for clues in the village of Prain they found that a Priest of Bahumat had also gone missing. In the Ruins outside of another village to the south, they were ambushed by a group of the bandits which they dispatched with relative ease, capturing one named Davies in the process. Davies, faced with death if he didn’t cooperate, helped the PC’s by leading them to the ruined keep where the bandits were and getting them inside. Once in, the PC’s found their way to the Basement where they were confronted by the Leader of the Bandits, a man named Bruiser Holloway.

With only a minor scuffle, he surrendered. Shortly thereafter Davies brought the guards for the Old Road Post in to round up the rest of the Bandits. The PC’s at this point were assigned a mercenary from the Post, Eerpg, to watch them just in case. Upon Exploring the Basement of the Keep, they found a series of rooms and statues, each of which with a riddle which eventually lead into a ruined treasury of sorts. Here they found information about a plague, and a temple of Bahumat to the South, which they decided to head to.

Second Adventure:

The Party split up; now consisting of Eerpg, Quincy, Kurth, and Davies, and accompanied Bruiser to Radigast city for trial, fighting off escape attempts by surviving bandits. On their way to the Ruined Temple, they saved a young elf named Almaz from harrasment at the hands of street thieves. She decided to travel with them, though they had to ‘persuade’ her to get on the ship heading south. Once they arrived in the South, They hired a Hobgoblin guide to take them southward. They came upon the remains of a town slaughtered by gaudy cursed objects, which they determined to have come from a carnival of some sort. The only other clues left behind was the single survivor, a boy with no face, and a word, “Croatoa” which was carved into a post in the center of town. After accidently getting cursed themselves, they hurried from the village to the next closest, managing to have the curses removed and turning over the boy to the priests there.

Third Adventure:

They made their way through the jungles to lone mountain where the temple resided. They had picked up another party member previously, who was promptly eaten by a Green Dragon just outside of the Temple. Inside, the met up with a Goblin Tribe, referred to from now on as the CGT (Civilized Goblin Tribe, as according to Kurth), who were living in the Temple temporarily. The CGT had been on their way north with other tribes, when they got sidetracked and took refuge here. But a disease struck them shortly thereafter and they began falling ill and dying. Between the Dragon and the “little flying things with pointy noses”, they became trapped. Their leader went deeper into the temple to find a way around the “Little Flying things with point noses”, but never returned. The Party volunteered to go look for him, taking a amnesiac adventurer under the goblin’s care with them.

Their explorations yielded fruit, though not shortly thereafter the Amnesiac Rancid was disemboweled by a vengeful older brother Green Dragon after his siblings had been killed by the PCs. They also encountered Rancid’s brother Snyper, who while also amnesiac due to the illness, volunteered to go with them. Kurth recieved a Book of Prophecy and though he couldn’t decipher it, he took it with him. Finding little other accessible treasure, and with information leading them back to Urnst, the PC’s rested for a couple weeks with the CGT, tutoring them in the ways of warfare in the meantime. Finally, they began moving north once more.

Fourth Adventure:

Upon heading north they found evidence of a massive army killing everything in their path. They came to the aid of a town under siege by a part of this army, saving it and gaining a new member to their band in the process; Zachar, a wizard of Greyhawk. The night after the battle, all involved who protected the town were brought into a dream where the Gods Olidamarra and Kord bestowed upon those willing, ‘Gifts’. This caused some anger towards the gods when they awoke, as the gifts were not all they seemed. Following this, they continued northward, avoiding the enemy army, heading towards Greyhawk.

Upon Arriving in the Greyhawk, Kurth had part of the prophecies deciphered, while Zachar finished some errand for his College and The rest of the party either rested or learned information about world events. The Party was informed by the Captain of the guard of a reward posted for their collection back in Urnst for the good deeds they had done. Having information leading them back that way anyway, they continued their travels. During this time, Snyper used a stone of wish which he gained through Olidamarra, and stupidly wished for a fish of inifinite wisdom, which summoned the greater-deific being known as the Purple Fish. the PF, a being of pure chaos, altered the very fabric of space-time, causing many paradoxes and impossiblities to occur. Finally after both five minutes and negative five minutes, the Fish vanished back whence it came. Though nearly all of what it did was reversed, Quincy had vanished into thin air and a man who went by the name LaDeth was deposited in his place.

This new party, consisting of; Eerpg, Kurth, Almaz, Zachar, LaDeth, Snyper and Davies, continued their travel, finally arriving in the city of Radigast. Upon getting here however, they found that the reward was a trick, and that they were part of a dangerous game which threatened to destroy Radigast. Together with Captain Coby of the Guards, they searched the town for Fireball crystals, managing to recover and dispose of almost all of them before it was too late. However, in the process, Almaz lost her arm. They realized this was just a diversion while Bruiser Holloway (Now also known as Belak the Druid) was busted out of Jail. They were unable to stop him from escaping unfortunately.

Fifth Adventure:

After saving the city, the Countess of Urnst invited them to her palace where asked them to perform a mission for her. Her daughter, heir to the throne was returning from a diplomatic mission due to the invasion of the Enemy, now known as Icx, and she wished them to escort the Heir here. After accepting, the PC’s took a airship to the Draconis Citadel, which Snyper knew as he had helped raise it from the ground. While there, they found more dragon statues and riddles, though little came of it. Finally the Heir arrived, with the enemy army at her heals. Disguising herself as a dark skinned male, they left for Radigast.

Along the way, they came across the ruins of a town, similar to one they past through months ago, which the Heir insisted they investigate. This time, there were no survivors and most of the gaudy trinkets were gone. The only clue remaining was a single word carved into a post near the center of town, “Luvris”. Continuing onward, they were diverted by guards working for the Countess, after having been informed that Radigast was under siege. They were to divert towards the Castle of Lord Dib, and stay there until it was safe. Shortly after arriving there, Davies was sent off to scout Radigast as back when the PF had visited he had been transformed into a Tengu (and Snyper into a Gnoll).

While he was gone, a man identifying himself as Marek approached the castle, demanding artifacts hidden within as well as the book of prophecy that Kurth had in his possession. When he did not receive what he wanted, he released a host of shadow creatures onto the Castle, which easily breached the defenses. The PC’s encountered Dib, who told them to find the Heir and retrieve him (as he was still male). In the Chaos, Zachar was seperated from the party. Dib, displaying powerful telekinetic abilities, fought to hold off Marek and his Shadow Army, while the PC’s found the Heir. With the Heir under their Guard, Dib assigned one of his own men to them and ushered them through a strange circular gateway. On the other side, they found themselves on a piece of rock floating in astral void, with several smaller similar gateways upon it. The way they had come shut behind them, and they had no choice but to continue onward (The Gnoll, losing his arm in the process). After fighting a strange creature that seemed to follow them through one of the portals, they found themselves in a large tower, at the very top.


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